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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Quiet Man

Just a short post to apologise for the lack of any new posts. This is mostly due to my mum being rather unwell over the past few weeks. This combined with her having a few falls, (determined as probably due to a new prescription of anti-bio-tics to cure an infection), and my having something of a mental malady has made things rather difficult. But we are both much better and so the reading has started again, At the moment I am reading a new biography about the painter James Whistler, a review of this will appear by the end of the week on my Voyage Out blog and I am reading the  an Orange Prize for Fiction shortlisted book, The Ventriloquist's tale. As a postscript, receiving two hateful, threatening posts didn't help my mood. Thankfully, I moderate my posts so I was able to trash them. 


  1. You owe no apologies - life is what it is. I do so like your posts and hope that you find a quiet balance.

    1. Thank you Wordman that is very kind of you. I am off to have a look at your blog.